Cye’s work delves into many aspects of sound creation, including improvisation, composition, production, performance, sound installation, and field recording. His live and recorded work invokes a deep listening state, drawing audiences into familiar, yet uncharted territories.

His current projects include Cave In The Sky (with Purdie Wood and Tunji Beier), Black Rainbow (with Brandon Casidy and Luke Jaaniste) and Oscillator A (with Christian Pyle). Cye is currently preparing for a string of solo performances which will culminate with concerts in Mongolia this July. He is travelling there as part of  a group of 45 musicians and artists who will be performing and creating art works on their journey to Lake Khövsgöl. 

He has also composed scores for both film and dance. A vinyl edition of the soundtrack album Cye made with Lisa Gerrard ‘The Trail of Genghis Khan’ was recently released by the label Infinite Fog.
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