Cave In The Sky’s debut album Sönghellir was released by Swedish label 1631 Recordings. Equally at home in an intimate concert setting as on the festival stage, Cave In The Sky has mesmerised audiences around the world, including sets at Earth Frequency Festival 2016 (AU) and Landjuweel Festival 2016 (NL). The other members of the ensemble are percussionist Tunji Beier and vocalist Purdie Wood, and they have most recently performed at the Woodford Folk Festival.


Oscillator A is a joint collaboration with musician/producer/composer Christian Pyle. What began as a desire to work together on soundtrack projects soon grew into an unwieldly beast with other ideas, and suitably questionable ambitions. They work together regularly at Christian’s studio SS Prawn and Spanner and are currently in the middle of releasing a video/single every Sunday for a year… You can view the videos on YouTube and listen on Spotify, iTunes etc.


Black Rainbow is a collaborative live project with sound artists Brandon Casidy (Cloudbeard) and Luke Jaaniste (HHAARRPP). Together they are producing soundscapes of epic proportions. They first performed at Earth Frequency Festival at the Liminal Caravan Stage and have recently been presenting concerts under the bridge of a freeway underpass…