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Even though it may appear to any recent visitors to this site that I’ve been residing six feet under the earth, there is actually a few interesting happenings for me to fill this page with (well interesting to me anyway!).

About a month ago a friend of mine Nick Wales from Coda called to see if I could do some shows with Sarah Blasko . Considering the fact she is one of the only people in Australia (or anywhere for that matter) making unique and beautiful pop music I quickly said yes!

A few weeks before that I was in Melbourne scouting locations in the city for the Interventionist Guide a project that will involve me performing throughout the city streets in October (16,17,18). Coincidentally a piece from my araya ep undertow is going to be used in the fringe festival for ‘en route’ (Sept 26th – Oct 14th) a sound walk conceived by bettybooke (a collective of artists based inĀ  Melbourne).

While I was there I visited Lisa Gerrard and met with director Tim Cope who is putting together a documentary of his epicĀ  adventure tracing the steps of Genghis Khan, by traveling on horseback from Mongolia to Hungary over three years! Lisa asked me to collaborate with her on the soundtrack for this amazing story and whilst I was there we recorded some improvisations for the project with her playing cymbalom and me on violin. Tim gave us footage of various musicians he encountered on his journey and I have recently been composing some pieces incorporating some of these sounds and others purely inspired by this vast stretch of land and its inhabitants.

At the moment I am currently on the road on my way to Melbourne to participate in the Interventionist Guide and complete the rest of the music for Tim’s film at Lisa’s studio.

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