Posted by on April 14, 2009

Well I’m not sure if my Sound Crucible set was a success or a failure as nobody ran from the room with bleeding ears. We were warned about the sonic violence of the next act but it didn’t seem to lessen the shock…..ah, the beauty of contrasts.
I’ve had an interesting easter break, getting to meet and jam with Luka Bloom at a friends house (a real pleasure to see the man play up close and personal) and a last minute phone call to play with Tim Finn at Bluesfest, quite a surreal experience – arriving 15 minutes before the gig learning the song, and playing to thousands of people for three minutes……not my greatest musical moment but definitely one of the more memorable. The best part was seeing the crowd chanting for five minutes whilst demanding an encore, one of those real encores where Tim had to run back through the mud from his dressing room.
I’m going into hibernation for the next ten days to a silent meditation retreat, who knows what I’ll have to say for my next post (that’s if I can remember how to speak)……ah, the beauty of contrast!

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