Cye’s work delves into many aspects of sound creation, including improvisation, composition, production, performance, sound installation, and field recording. His live and recorded work invokes a deep listening state, drawing audiences into familiar, yet uncharted territories.

He is currently based in Berlin and performing as Cave In The Sky whose debut album Sönghellir is released by Swedish label 1631 recordings. Equally at home in an intimate concert setting as on the festival stage, Cave In The Sky has mesmerised audiences around the world, including sets at Earth Frequency Festival 2016 (AU) and Landjuweel Festival 2016 (ND).



He began studying classical violin at the age of 3, and was performing professionally by the age of 10. At the age of 14 he began working as a session musician, and it was during this time that his life long love affair with the recording studio began.

His first release arrived in the form of ‘Araya’. Primarily consisting of piano, strings, field recordings and solo violin, all 4 songs were performed and composed by Cye, and recorded and produced with engineer/producer Antony Payn.

He has contributed to many film projects, including the score for the award winning short film Piercing Silence directed by Ninna Millikin, and the debut feature film ‘Hello Forever’ by director Peter Kirk. He also collaborated with Lisa Gerrard on the score and soundtrack album for the ABC documentary series ‘The Trail of Genghis Khan’ by director Tim Cope. His most recent commission was for the Nike Lunar campaign with director Alex Smetana.

Cye has also composed works for contemporary dance performance, including the live score for dancer/choreographer Meredith Elton’s performance ‘Inherit the Wind’. In 2015 he was commissioned to compose the score for the Sydney Dance PPY Revealed performance of choreographer Iratxe Ansa’s piece ‘Lost Body’, and he is currently collaborating on a new work with choreographer Zachary Lopez.

………………. his latest project Oscillator~A, is a joint collaboration with musician/producer/composer Christian Pyle. What began as a desire to work together on soundtrack projects soon grew into an unwieldly beast with other ideas, and suitably questionable ambitions. The debut double album is currently in the final construction phase and will be released in early 2017.